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Temporary horizontal fall protection systems are very popular for assembly work in steel construction, in scaffolding and in general construction
SafetyLink’s FrogLine Shuttle incorporates flawless functionality with a durable solid stainless steel construction.
A height safety system shuttle designed to be used as part of an permanent overhead horizontal lifeline.
For safe vertical access on vertical lifelines.
The new SPEED ATTACH is a runner of the latest generation that can be attached and detached at any point of a C-profile, but comprises two redundant retention systems as usual.
SPEED, the new patented runner for height access systems from SKYLOTEC, is ahead of its time.
The SKYLOTEC CLAW Vertical Fall Arrest Sleeve is designed to fi t a wide variety of solid core wire ropes (cables) and travel smoothly along the vertical system while providing fall arrest when needed.
The PHONE CABLE LONG is the ideal companion for securing smartphones or tools flexibly and practically against falling or being dropped
The LONG LEASH FLEX offers optimal flexibility and practicality when securing tools from crashing or falling.
Light gloves for belaying or via ferrata climbing. Protects the hands from the frictional heat generated while belaying or rappelling
The INCEPTOR GRX HIGH VOLTAGE redefines safety. The specially designed EPS core and the helmet shell made of PC/ABS absorb particularly high impact energy