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A low-profile, Zone 0 rated headlamp. Three lighting modes cover a variety of tasks: spot for a focused beam, flood for soft area illumination that won’t tire your eyes and spot/flood combo for even more light output.
The 600 lumen PolyTac X flashlight, built for durability and a sure grip
The 500 lumen ProTac 2L-X is an EDC light that is available two ways: The ProTac 2L-X USB is a complete rechargeable system that includes our new Streamlight SL-B26™ protected Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery pack with an integrated USB charge port
The 1,000 lumen ProTac HL-X is a tactical handheld flashlight that is available two ways: as a complete rechargeable system or it's available with two CR123A lithium batteries.
Versatile, rugged and super bright, the multi-fuel PolyTac 90 X is built with the rigors of the job in mind
This small handheld flashlight is durable, waterproof and intrinsically safe
Intrinsically safe impact and shock resistant LED flashlight that provides a soft flood light and 155 hours of run time.
Impact and shock resistant LED flashlight that provides 336 hours of run time
This high performance headlamp delivers a long range beam and is ATEX rated for Zone 0 locations.
See what's ahead of you and right in front of your feet with the Dualie Rechargeable
This lightweight rechargeable LED lantern is a critical firefighting tool that will even float in water!
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