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SUSPENSION RELIEF STRAPS serve to alleviate the potentially lethal suspension trauma from a fall and therefore could save your life
for runners and ropes
The PHONE CABLE LONG is the ideal companion for securing smartphones or tools flexibly and practically against falling or being dropped
Carabiner hook with coupling for telescopic bar
The TELESTICK is ideal for easy pre-clipping of ropes or express slings over a long distance as well as cleaning handles out of reach
Telescopic rod extendable to a maximum of 6.25 meters, which serves to attach a karabiner to an unreachable anchor point.
ISC Wire Strops are available with 7mm Stainless Steel, with a choice of thimble (rigid) eye, or soft eye loops. Our strops are fitted with a protective PVC cover.
This ergonomically shaped and padded seat board is exactly the right solution for working at heights using rope access equipment for extended periods
Belt sling with a load capacity of 26kN. Different lengths have different colours so that they can be easily distinguished. Is used in the rope access and rescue sector.
Edge Roller boxes are sold separately and boxes can be added or removed to suit the terrain of each application.
Bag for TRIBOC and PEWA
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